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Claysmith Gaming: Making Poker Cool Again by: Jeffrey Smith

Chris Moneymaker set the poker world in motion in 2003 when he won the World Series of Poker. It was the perfect marriage of the world's most prestigious poker event being bested by a novice. This unlikely tale was told in front of millions through the eyes of hole card cameras on ESPN. Prospective players of all ages thought to themselves: "Wow, this is cool".

Instantly millions of people took to playing poker in garages, basements and kitchen tables all across the country. I once had a man describe a similar boom in Israel like this: "People are going crazy for poker here in Israel. They are playing in homes, at taverns, in parks and even on rooftops."

I don't know if this was an error in his English translation, but I would love to see a game of poker being played on a rooftop. (I'd probably buy in) I never clarified with him if people were actually playing poker on rooftops or not, because I love thinking that perhaps it could be true.   read more

Forged from History... Expert Approved.
The Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide - James Campiglia on Claysmith Gaming
"Your chips are awesome! I wish the casinos today were designing chips this cool."
-- James Campiglia
Author of The Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide

Why Molds Matter

Claysmith Gaming Poker Chips Why Molds Matter

Whatever happened to the molds? We have always been frustrated with home market chips for their lack of molding. Almost every home market poker chip is just a basic smooth disc. Authentic clay poker chips in casinos are beautifully molded works of art. Unfortunately, most home market chips are uninspiring smooth duds.   read more

Designing with an Edge

Claysmith Gaming Poker Chips Designing with an Edge

The primary focal point of any poker chip is its edge spots. The edge mark is the key attribute of a poker chip in establishing itself as something more than an inanimate object. The edge spot is where all the flair takes place. The use of pinks, yellows and oranges are often employed in the edge spot to spice up a poker chip's design.   read more

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